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Pestwise NZ is a pest control company providing customised pest control solutions covering wide range of pests in residential & commercial situations. The company is based in Auckland and specialize in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), From spiders, rats and mice, to moths, flies, ants and cockroaches, both residential and commericial, Pestwise can solve your pest problem safely & cost effectively.


Pestwise NZ specializes in Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
IPM is the most advanced integrated pest management programme available today. Our service approach utilises preventative & corrective pest management strategies.IPM programmes are excellent methods for resolving pest control.
6-Step Protection Plan
1. Inspection
Thorough inspections are conducted to identify pests that may be present in your facility. Visual inspections of interior and exterior conditions provide valuable information of pest infestations and possible control strategies.
2. Monitoring
Monitors are strategically placed in the facility to trap portions of the pest population and identify areas of other pest activity. Additionally, your Pest Control Log Book keeps a running record of pest sightings to monitor
the level of activity on a continuing basis. This monitoring component is an integral part of our recurring service.
3. Pest Identification
Pests come in different shapes and sizes. Treatments and solutions vary depending of the pest and their characteristics. Our experienced staff will identify pests and their patterns.
4. Custom Tailored Program
Our wealth of experience in IPM gives our programs an advantage. Our IPM programs are customized to monitor and solve problems with the changing seasons and pest patterns. Each program is designed specifically for your facility. We know and understand pests best. This knowledge and experience reduces time spent implementing our programs, making us very efficient and reduces costs. We are leaders in the pest control industry.
5. Managed Product Use
The goal of IPM is to develop a comprehensive system of handling pest management issues without total reliance on pesticide products. For example, Pestwise NZ may seal a harbourage area in order to eliminate pest
access. Baiting, trapping and exclusion techniques are used extensively to minimize the use of pesticide applications in the facility. However, we will also use registered products to treat infestations. Proper sanitation will help maximize the effectiveness of our services. As with any partnership, your cooperation and participation are valued and appreciated.
6. Record Keeping
It is important to establish an effective reporting system as part of IPM. Pestwise NZ will provide you with a Pest control log book, label binder and detailed billing.
Your IPM Program consists of a comprehensive initial service followed by regularly scheduled services
Initial Services
Pestwise NZ will conduct an intensive initial service to reduce the pest population. This includes a thorough inspection to evaluate pest activity, identify access entry points, and determine treatment strategies. Complete access to storage rooms, utility rooms, kitchen and food storage areas, docks, stairwells, electrical rooms,
and other critical areas is an essential part of this process.
During this initial treatment, Pestwise NZ service professional will:
• Place monitors in sensitive areas where food, water, or harbourage may be present.
• Install exterior rodent bait stations to reduce rodent population around dumpsters, docking areas and drains.
• Provide assessments of structural deficiencies or sanitation issues that may contribute to infestations.
Recurring Service
The purpose of the recurring service is to continuously maintain the pest population below established threshold levels.
In addition to the services listed above, your service technician will:
• Perform a thorough inspection.
• Review the Pest Control Log Book.
• Replace monitors and other products as necessary.
• Inspect potential harbourage areas for signs of recent activity.
• Make recommendations to reduce conditions conducive to infestations.
• Respond to any questions, sightings, or areas of concern from your staff.
• Adjust pesticide applications for seasonal requirements.
Record Keeping
It is important to establish an effective reporting system as part of an integrated pest management program. Pestwise NZ will provide you with the following reports:
• Invoice
This document describes the type of service performed, name, amount and time of service, technician name, and target pest.
• Pest Control Log Book
This record-keeping tool is designed for your personnel to report pest sightings to Pestwise NZ team members. We recommend that you maintain the log at one location and provide it to your technician to communicate documented pest sightings.
• Label Binder
This binder contains all labels and material data safety sheets (MSDS) for products that are approved for use by Pestwise NZ personnel.
• Billing
Pestwise NZ extends its excellent service commitment to all aspects of the relationship, including billing. You may contact us anytime to answer even the most complicated questions and to provide you with additional documentation. Your account can also provide multiple billing formats including consolidated statements categorized by location, individual invoices, and documentation of service. And you control who orders additional services. If you provide us with a list of authorized personnel, we will perform services as requested only by those authorized representatives.
• Value
Pestwise NZ is committed to provide the best pest control service at the best value. Under this program, Pestwise NZ will provide excellent service on a routine basis and will respond to service requests during regular business hours at no additional cost until the problem is resolved to your satisfaction.


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